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How It Works

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Booking a trip with Travels by Elyse is instant stress relief. So often, we can visualize in our minds what we want our vacation to look like, feel like, taste like but the time and energy needed to make that happen is more than we can take on. Pass that stress and research right on to me!


And if you're thinking not me, I have no idea what I want this vacation to be then ask me about my surprise vacation for a truly hands-off and stress-free experience! 

Here's how it works...



This is the first thing you'll fill out when you book my planning services. The more detailed you are, the better! This is where I learn about the things you're most interested in - do you love trying new foods or are you a picky eater? Do you want to immerse yourself in culture & history, or would you rather lay in the sand with a Mai Tai? The Pretravel Questionnaire tells me everything!



The next step in the travel planning process is determining where you'll stay. For those traveling to multiple cities, I help you decide how much time to spend in each place (and I also book the car service, rental car, or train that will transfer you between cities!) 


Based on personal preference & budget, we can decide together if it makes the most sen to stay in hotels, Airbnb/Vrbo's, hostels, bed & breakfasts...the possibilities are endless!


final itinerary

About one week before your vacation begins, you will receive a detailed itinerary from me. It's broken down by day, with all of your tickets, confirmations, maps, walking directions, restaurant recommendations, nearby things to do and insider tips. All you need to do is pack your bags!



The first step in the travel planning process is figuring out transportation. Are you driving, flying, or taking a train? 


I send you numerous options including direct flights/trains, layovers/transfers, etc. If deciding between multiple transportation options, I'll create a pros/cons list for side-by-side comparison.


activities & excursions

Now comes the fun part! Your interests in the Pretravel Questionnaire help guide me to recommend and choose the best types of activities and excursions here - food tours, boat trips, walking tours,  a private city guide, cooking classes,  local sporting events, there are so many great options to make your vacation one of a kind!

This itinerary is AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! Everything about it is perfect. It's like Elyse got inside my brain and planned things I didn't even know existed, but definitely wanted to do. 


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