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French Village
Florence Cathedral


Perfect if you just need a little inspiration on where to take a vacation. We research different locations based on some general information you provide. We'll outline pros and cons to each destination and also provide preliminary flight and lodging prices for you to use as a jumping off point as you make your final decisions on where to travel. 


"what should we do?!"

Perfect if you have already picked a vacation spot and now need to fill those days! We research your chosen location and build you an itinerary based off of the types of things you're looking to do. Kid-friendly activities, bar crawls, snorkeling, food tours, rainy day name it, we can find it!


Perfect if you want to be involved in the process of planning your vacation but just don't have time to put in the work or the research to plan a great trip. We will book your flights, find hotels, book reservations at restaurants, build your itinerary - all of it! 

*note: this does not include location scouting but we can bundle the two packages if you need help with that too!


"surprise me!"

Perfect if you want a completely hands-off vacation experience - or if you just love surprises! You fill out a questionnaire, we'll chat on the phone once afterwards to ask any additional questions and that's it! We do everything - including pick the location! You get an envelope about a week before you leave with everything you need. All you need to do is pack!

"help me with everything!"

"where should we go?!"

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