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What Our Clients Think

This was my 5th time visiting Rome and Elyse still managed to find places I've never seen before! Wasn't in any of the guidebooks! Thanks Elyse for sharing this beautiful place with us - what a memory maker!


Elyse took the stress out of traveling and booking! She found us numerous options for places to stay that would accommodate all our needs/wishes as well as flights and rental car expenses. She found us all the best deals and we truly enjoyed every moment of our trip thanks to her. Highly recommend for anyone looking to book a trip and take the stress out of it all!!


The surprise vacation is just so much fun! We got all the best parts of the vacation and absolutely none of the stress - what could be better than that! We received an itemized list so we knew where every penny went and I was shocked at how far our money went. Elyse found great deals, took on all of the stress and headache of planning and we just got to enjoy a fantastic vacation!


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